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Kim Kardashian Is Coming to the Commonwealth Club to Talk About Herself(ie)

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Can we just admit that the Kardashians, despite our best efforts to ignore them, are part of our daily lives? Khloe shares beauty tips? We know about it. Kendall and Kylie land their own game app? Of course we know about it. And Kim does absolutely anything at all? We're privy to every damn detail. While this curiosity has propelled us toward an existential crisis, we can take heart in knowing that we're not the only ones who are reluctantly keeping up with the Kardashians. Even the highbrow Commonwealth Club has succumbed to Mrs. West's charms.

On June 30th, Kardashian West will appear before the Club at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland to discuss celebrity, social media, modern feminism— all the things, really. Describing the event, the Club explains, "Kim Kardashian West has taken everything that is modern day society —from selfies to self-promotion to sexuality—embraced it, monetized it, and now we're going to talk about it."

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster if you care to be a part of the conversation. As for the most important details of the evening —What will she wear? What will her hair look like?— suffice it to say that we'll be covering the highlights right here on July 1.