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Um, You Guys: You Could Have Wilkes Bashford All to Yourself

Photo: Wilkes Bashford

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Is the presence of strangers the only thing separating you from a world-class shopping spree at Wilkes Bashford? Then you're out of excuses. According to the Wall Street Journal, the chichi store welcomes  super-important clients to shop after hours, whether solo or as part of a flock.

"Having the store to yourself often means a more peaceful, quieter, less frustrating experience," the paper explains. "No crowds, no lines, and no awkward interactions with aloof, harried or unhelpful sales associates. There is usually just one sales associate or personal shopper, who is there just for you."

Sandy Ceppos, director of sales and marketing for Mitchells Family of Stores, (which owns Wilkes Bashford), says that many of the chain's clients "love coming in for a cocktail and special attention after hours." In case of fashion emergencies, customers who call the store after hours will hear a recorded message providing personal phone numbers for a key executive or a store manager who has keys to the store. That on-call professional can schedule a time to meet at the store, either the same night or before the store opens the next morning, according to the Journal.

There's no word on how much shopping you have to do before you get after-hours access to the store, but the store's website suggests that you can "just dial your main store number and follow the prompts to be connected directly to one of our family's home numbers."

Whew. Isn't it a relief to know that a new outfit is always an option?