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Andre Iguodala Rocks Tom Ford at the Twice Pop-Up Like It's No Big Deal

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Remember that Twice pop-up we told you about last week? And our wishful thinking that NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala might drop in to hang? We're here to tell you that dreams come true. Tuesday afternoon, the pro-baller stopped by Twice, presumably to do some more menswear style directing. (Gotta pay bills in the off-season, right?)

Sporting a brand new Tom Ford Buckley backpack that he picked up in Vegas on Monday, Iguodala posed for a group photo with fans before speaking exclusively to Racked about his post-win style.

If you were expecting NBA accolades to go to the Warriors' guard's head, you're sorely mistaken. He says his style "has pretty much always stayed the same." Iguodala tells Racked that he's long been fashion forward, but he still looks to other dudes for ideas. Namely, his son. "My son's a better dresser than I am. He's kind of my inspiration," Andre admits.

For those of you looking to bring home a piece of the Iguodala fashion magic, the star player tells us that he will be restocking his shop on Twice with items from his closet, as well as things that he likes that other men could draw inspiration from. But if you're hoping to draw inspiration from that Tom Ford backpack, you're out of luck. Andre assures us that he's keeping it.

Twice Pop-Up

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