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Stylish Dinner Parties Made Easy With mrs.peasy

Photos: Michelle Drewes

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Wanna know how to get that Instagram-worthy dinner party, complete with modern decor and plates from Heath Ceramics? Easy-peasy with mrs.peasy, a new party-box rental service serving San Francisco, created by Jennine Jacob.

Jacob, a former style blogger with The Coveted and founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB), uses her fashion-styling know-how to curate modern-themed party boxes filled with plates, flatware, linens, glasses, centerpieces and more. "I like to think of it as buying the experience of being the perfect host," explains Jacobs. She styles her plateware pieces from Heath or Falcon Enamelware with vintage decor finds and hand-dyed napkins. Her mrs.peasy party boxes work for any occasion, from simple BBQs and picnics to pretty dessert parties and lavish dinners.

In our local fashion world, she's already making dinner more chic, having recently styled the Freda Salvador store opening party as well as the Podoll's Earth Day celebration. Prices range from $25 to $600 depending on the number of guests and the details of the party-box theme.

We recently caught up with Jennine to find out more about mrs.peasy and where she likes to shop for home decor in SF.

Photo: Michelle Drewes

Tell us about your new SF-based business mrs.peasy. What inspired you to create it?

I had been hosting events for bloggers in New York since 2009. When we moved back to San Francisco, I found that I really loved hosting little gatherings for my friends and family.

It was then that I started to realize how wasteful the entertaining business was. There are so many things we only use once for a party, whether they are truly "disposable" like paper plates and plastic forks, or ceramic plates. When you think you're only going to use something once or twice, investing in high-quality wares can seem rather ridiculous. So I brainstormed ways to get cool linens and ceramics that could be used over and over, and shared. Really, it's renting. Also, it sucks to be running around town getting everything for that special party. So, this is a way for people to take a couple of things off their checklists.

What's the party box rental process? How easy-peasy is it?

Just go to the site, pick your box, select the date and how many people you are expecting. Once the payment is made and the box booked, we arrange a drop off and pick-up date. And it's done!

Michelle Drewes

How do you go about designing the themes for each party box?

Designing the boxes is rather an intuitive process. I worked as a style blogger for years, so, in a way, I take a "fashion" approach to table styling. I like looking for trends, inspiring fabrics, ceramics, flatware, and putting them together in a way that makes my guests say, "Wow, this is a beautiful table." It really makes guests feel special when an effort is made, but no so much that it makes them feel uncomfortable. So, I try to go for that "wow" factor without being too precious about it.

Describe your dream dinner party—what's the setting and who would attend?

You mean like, would I invite Jesus to my dinner party? If he can turn water into wine, sure! Kidding. My dream dinner party would be rather small, like six people, close friends, and family. People who inspire, can have "real" conversations and a good time. We'd have an outdoor dinner by candlelight, and I'd probably use the Precita box since it's so moody and made for summer nights.

Michelle Drewes

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for home decor in SF?

The General Store and March are super inspiring. Of course, Heath Ceramics is the mothership in terms of my favorites. They always know what I want. It's like they're reading my mind, which is great—but also kind of creepy.

What's next on the horizon for mrs.peasy?

I'm looking to bring floral centerpieces to the site in the next month or so, and I am currently in conversations with a very cool florist (so stay tuned). Also, I have a few tables and benches in the works: Apparently, if people don't have enough plates to serve 12 to 24 people, they don't have the tables to seat them, either.

Michelle Drewes