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Should the Three-Piece Jumpsuit Become a Thing? Betabrand Wants to Know

Photo: Betabrand
Photo: Betabrand

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Whaddaya say? Do you want/need/crave a three-piece jumpsuit? Betabrand, the city's favorite irreverent clothier-slash-crowdfunder (and recent member of the Indie 38) really wants to know. As does Krystalrae, the designer of the 3-IN-1 Jumpsuit, which is currently sitting in Betabrand's online Think Tank, the first step to making it to full-fledged product status. Oui, the Poo Emoji Dress and The Suitsy (a business-suit onesie) both started out this way.

Here's what Krystalrae has to say about her Betabrand collab: "I've always wanted to design a garment that had multiple wears, especially something that can be worn both socially and professionally." Check. Check. Check. This three-piece number can be worn as a jumpsuit, or pulled apart to become a standalone top (with detachable scarf) and a pair of pants. Made of a silky fabric that won't stretch, the jumpsuit's top and bottom are attached via hidden buttons and loops along the waistband. (Sneaky, eh?)

Can you fancy yourself wearing this baby? Vote here to take Krystalrae's design to the next step. If it scores big, Betabrand will make a prototype—your chance to put your money where your mouth is. As always, the first crowdfunders get the biggest discount (30 percent). Stay tuned to find out if you'll need to make room in your closet any time soon.