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DearMissJ Fancies Herself the Warby Parker of Jewelry

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The try-on-at-home jewelry business may not be too far off base—DearMissJ certainly has a concept similar to Warby Parker, especially during its early days when there was nary a brick-and-mortar in sight. (But you can determine the merits of the comparison yourself.) This is how the San Francisco-based fashion startup works: Go to the website, or download the free app, shop around and order one to three pieces of jewelry for free home delivery. You have three days to inspect away, try on with every outfit in your closet and then decide: Yea or nay. Return what you don't want at no cost to you. Simple, right?

All the one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings are designed and handmade in South Korea—by company founder Kristy Kim's mom, along with a small team of artisans. Freshwater pearls—in a range of colors, shapes and sizes—figure prominently in the ever-changing collection, which leans girlie but is also quite timeless. In preparation for this here post, we ordered a coupla pieces and can attest to the quality of the craftsmanship; awesome packaging, too. (Prices range from $45 to $499.)

So exactly how did a former investment banker wind up helming a jewelry biz? A couple of years ago after the umpteenth time someone complimented a piece of her jewelry (made by her talented mama, of course), Kristy quit her job and decided to turn her attention to DearMissJ. "I quickly realized there was a market opportunity for affordable, high-quality, handmade jewelry," she says.

After scrolling through DearMissJ's new fall lookbook, you're bound to agree.