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A Fledgling Fashion Label Just Set Up Shop in Ghirardelli Square

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Les Méchantes may have started as an online store last fall, but it's quickly moved from pop-ups around town to a permanent home at 900 North Point St. in Ghirardelli Square. Sure, that area is known more for tourist traffic than boutiques, but the developers behind the Square have strategically courted local brands like Elizabeth W and Kara's Cupcakes to the space in hopes that both visitors and residents might patronize the shops.

If that's the goal, Les Méchantes is a smart addition. The boutique's owners —Delores Arabian, Ashley Arabian, and Kathleen Ensign— have filled their new, light-filled space with covetable Bay Area labels like Kamryn Dame, Marrin Costello, Capital Eyewear and Future Glory, in addition to their private-label caftans, hoodies, and t-shirts. It's the type of selection that offers both charming style souvenirs and gimmick-free local fashion.

Soon, there will be even more local brands making their way into the store. As a nod to its pop-up beginnings, Les Méchantes is paying it forward by inviting up-and-coming labels to show their wares at the new digs. (If you're interested, send an email to We're sharing a few photos of the space above, but expect plenty of changes as both the business and the pop-up program gain momentum.