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CAMP Out and Watch Wet Hot American Summer (Take 2)

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Today's the day, everybody: Wet Hot American Summer: The First Day of Camp (WHAS: FDOC ) is now available as an eight-episode series on Netflix. The original Camp Firewood gang's all here (Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd) along with newbies John Hamm, Kristen Wiig (OMG!) and countless others.

In honor of this momentous (and hilarious) occasion, it's only fitting that we share our recent chat with CAMP Collection counselor founder Tamar Wider about her own real-life camp experiences and what inspired her to start her amaze-balls camp-y tee line, based right here in San Francisco.

And just because Tamar loves you, Racked readers, she's sharing several exclusive sneak peeks from her new Fall collection. There's one caveat, however: You can look but you can't buy—until Tuesday, August 4th, that is. (Just consider it something to look forward to.)

And now to the good stuff...

Tell us a little about where you went to camp and share some fond memories. Favorite canteen snack?

I went to Camp Sabra in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. There, I had my most favorite childhood memories— skinny dipping, kissing for the first time, raiding boys' cabins and tanning on top of the girls' shower house.

Favorite canteen snack? Good question: I'm going to have to say Coke. We drank this fake cola soda at our camp; so the days we got real Coke were slim and epic.

How did the idea to start a camp-inspired line come to you?

At camp, I really came into my own and was so comfortable in my own skin at such a young age. When I think back on those memories, I think about what I was wearing and what the Staff was wearing. And because I was at my most comfortable wardrobe-wise, I felt my best. I wanted to create a collection that really spoke to that message, and CAMP Collection was born.

The company is based in SF. Has the city itself influenced the line?

We are SF-based, but I don't really draw any inspo from San Francisco. My husband and business partner Greg and I vacation a lot in the Russian River and go on mini vacations around Northern California, which does inspire me. I'd say most of my inspiration comes from my memories and creating that camp girl in my head.

What is the general theme of the new Fall collection?

The theme of the Fall Collection is Camp Reunion. It's what a CAMP girl would wear to her camp reunion. The CAMP girl doesn't take herself seriously and is always comfortable—that's what every collection is about. She's always hanging out with her friends and having a great time!

Netflix's WHAS: FDOC series is finally here. That should be good for business, eh? Will you be watching?

Hell yeah. My husband and I are welcoming our son on July 27th, and we plan to be on the couch with him watching WHAS:FDOC. [FYI, the bundle of joy did arrive on schedule.] I'm so excited! CAMP Collection is also launching a fun social media campaign around the launch!

Here's a fun tidbit: The very first conversation my husband and I had was around whose summer camp was better. We actually fought about where our kids would go to camp...too soon for a first convo, I know. [Guess not—here we they are.] We came to an agreement that if it was a boy, his camp; girl, my camp. He won this battle as our firstborn is a boy, but I have faith I can convince our son to go to mine. I'm a great negotiator.

Clearly there's a general camp-slash-1970s renaissance going on right now? What's your take on all this? Why now?

I really have no idea!! CAMP was in the works for so long. Then, boom!, all of a sudden, it was trending all over. Hit the nail on the head I guess. Because it's so classic, though, I don't view it as a trend.

What's next for CAMP?

I want CAMP to be those pieces in your closet that bring back great memories. I'll keep aiming for that. We just launched in November, and it's been such a fun process since then. I'd like to let it grow organically, like it has been.