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Say Hola to the Most Fashionable Agent From Million Dollar Listing San Francisco

Photos: Bravo

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Finally, Bravo woke up and smelled the coffee (Four Barrel, please), and added San Francisco to its Million Dollar Listing franchise. The reindeer shark games begin tonight when the first supersized episode airs on the network (10pm), and you'll be introduced to the three hotshot real-estate agents: Justin Fichelson, Andrew Greenwell and Roh Habibi.

This being Racked SF—not Curbed SF—we decided to celebrate the occasion by talking to the most stylish broker of the bunch: Justin Fichelson. Turns out, he also happens to be the only native San Franciscan.

Full disclosure—we've already seen Episode 1. But not to worry, no spoiler alerts here. (We want you to discover the quirks of the SF trio for yourselves.) Now back to our chat with Justin, he of the big blue eyes and seriously enviable head of hair (forgot to ask where he gets his mop cropped). The 30-year-old Climb Real Estate broker grew up in Duboce Triangle, was voted "Most Likely to Become A Millionaire" in high school, interned for Gavin Newsom and has such a distinctive laugh it's bound to become the fodder of many memes courtesy of Andy Cohen.

Fashion-wise, Justin has a penchant for colorful pants and windowpane plaid. Read on for more fashion talk and to find out what Justin really thinks about his co-stars' style (hint: not much).

Describe your personal style.

I've never been one to be into too-trendy style. I love handmade goods, good watches, good shoes. I'd rather have a few top-top quality things then lots of so-so things. I'm a big fan of a lot of English and Italian labels, and I mostly wear classic suits. But I will buy them in bright colors, which makes things funky. In the first episode, you'll see me in bright green pants; I got those in St. Tropez, where everyone wears them. I'm not the most preppy so I also dress them down with a tee and a pair of Converse. Colorful windowpane plaid is another go-to. I have an orange plaid sport coat [it makes an appearance on the show] but I can't wear it too many's kinda like a prom dress in that way.

Do you have a typical work uniform?

Not really. Truthfully, depends on my mood, or the clients I am meeting. If I'm meeting a tech person, I'll wear a sport coat and possibly jeans. I would never wear jeans without a sport coat, and I always wear black Acne jeans. Thing is, I still usually wear a tie—I think it lends a certain level of professionalism.

What are some of your favorite labels? Where do you shop for clothes in SF?

I wear Isaia suits and always buy Sartoria Partenopea sport coats. In San Francisco, my favorites stores are Wilkes Bashford, Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Rand + Statler, the place where I stock up on my black Acne jeans. As for my favorite local label? San Franpsycho. Love those tees. [Wow that was unexpected.] Generally, I shop when I travel: Harrods is great, as is shopping in Paris. I actually buy most of my suits in Europe because they have really good sales over the holidays.

What are some of your other favorite local stores?

When it comes to home stores, I love HD Buttercup and Jonathan Adler—not everything at Jonathan Adler, though. I'm not into all that '70s stuff. And believe it or not, I'm also a big eBay shopper for home. I have eclectic taste, and like finding old paintings and art-deco stuff.

Top SF restaurant, bar, coffee. Go...

Tosca for a meal any day of the week (and it's also a great bar). For fancy food, hands-down Gary Danko, every time. When it comes to bars, I'd have to say: The Battery and Balboa Cafe. (I worked there in high school and know all the bartenders). Zeitgeist is a really great place and so is the Elbo Room in the Mission. Coffee: Sightglass.

Did you know your co-stars Andrew and Roh before filming?

No. We're all different and would probably never encounter each other except maybe at an open house, if not for the show. Basically any of the tension you'll see is, more or less, just what happens.

Who is the most fashionable of the three of you?

Without a doubt, I am. Roh has his own style—it's not my thing, kinda '70s-ish. And Andrew doesn't try at all. He's like a suburban housewife. [For the record, he seems to be a basic suit-and-tie guy].