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Gird Your Loins: Weston Wear Warehouse Sale Starts Today

Photo: Weston Wear

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We love us a sample sale round these parts. (Like who doesn't?) But Weston Wear's Warehouse Sale is a goodie if ever there was one. And if this week's event is anything like last year's, your closet is in store for lots of prezzies. The sale, held at 585 York Street in the Mission, runs today through July 12th. Along with bona-fide samples and first-run inventory, the label's merch will be mixed with pieces from other brands (i.e. Equipment).

The made-in-SF retailer/wholesaler, featured in our most recent 38 Best Indie Boutiques, has been on the scene for decades and keeps getting better. Its signature colorful prints and patterns, and easy-to-wear dresses, skirts and tops are born to flit from coffee to cubicle to cocktails. What about the prices? Let's put it this way: We expect quite a few fashion-induced frenzies to ensue once bargain hounds do the math.

Bottom line: Clear your calendars and hit this sale. On second thought, maybe don't—more for us.

Note sale hours vary by day: Thursday/Friday noon to 7pm; Saturday 10pm to 6pm; and Sunday noon to 6pm.

Weston Wear Warehouse Sale

585 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA