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SF's Hottest Trainer 2015: Nicolette Amarillas of Diakadi, Contestant #7

Nicolette Amarillas, Diakadi Body and Nicolette Amarillas Personal Training
Nicolette Amarillas, Diakadi Body and Nicolette Amarillas Personal Training
Photos: Mark Kuroda

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Exercise and wellness coach Nicolette Amarillas has always led a life on the go—from kicking a soccer ball as a child to leading bootcamps on the beach to tailoring one-on-one private training sessions at Diakadi Body and Nicolette Amarillas Personal Training. Indeed, she stacks up certifications like a bodybuilder stacking on more weights.

Some of Nicolette's many specialties include postural health and correcting physical, structural and muscular imbalances. While her regimens may be rigorous, she emphasizes a "core" philosophy of not allowing a workout routine and strict diet to stand in the way of a happy, healthy life. With her signature streaked hair, nose ring, and tattoos, you can’t miss her. She stands out from the crowd—a crowd that she's busy getting into the best shape of their lives.

In one sentence, tell us about yourself.

I am continuously practicing balance between bettering myself, growing as an individual and taking pride in my successes—all while not allowing the idea of perfection to destroy a positive self-image.

What inspired you to become a trainer/fitness instructor?

My dad! Growing up, I watched my dad educate himself on healthy living, and now we educate ourselves together. He just turned 50, and his doctors say he’s got the insides of a 30-year-old. Not to mention, he looks great. I want to live a long and healthy life just like him, so I educated myself and here I am!

What advice would you offer to someone who is just starting in your class?

When I have a new client start a personal training program, I always like to remind them, first off, that just walking through the door is a huge step in the right direction, a step that most people never take in their entire lives. That usually removes a lot of self-doubt.

Fun fact...go!

I would live off of candy if it was possible.

If you weren’t in fitness, what would you be doing?

Ohhh! I would 100 percent be singing my dang heart out! I grew up singing. Half of me thinks I would have pursued singing in a band, and the other half says no, I’d be center-stage singing, dancing and strutting my stuff. Haha!

What are your top three workout jams?

"The Hills" by The Weekend; "Gorgeous" by X Ambassadors; and a tie between "Trap Queen" by Fetty Wap and "No Apologies" from the Empire Soundtrack.

Learn more about Nicolette at and follow her on Instagram: @fitpronicoco