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Try-Before-You-Buy Wearables Pop Up on Santana Row

Photo: Lumoid

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And there are drones.

OK, you can't exactly fly the drones on Santana Row, but you can touch and ask all the questions you like. Chin up, there's still plenty to try at SF-based Lumoid's pop-up kiosk, situated in the courtyard near Pinkberry and Vintage Wine Merchants. Through September 2nd, commitment-phobes can take advantage of an on-site (and free) mini-trial. Simply choose from an array of fitness trackers, smart watches and camera gear, wear and test while you shop— and then simply return or purchase before heading home. (Bonus: the pop-up is serving up exclusive offers.)

Shoppers can also sign up for—and walk away with—Lumoid's standard two-week trial, typically available only via its website. Similar to the Warby Parker model, you choose up to five devices or select a pre-packaged kit (we're sweet on the Hipster), play around for two weeks and then, presto!, either pay $25 as a rental fee, or use that money as a credit toward a brand-new device. Easy peasy.

Santana Row

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