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SF's Hottest Trainer 2015: Nichole Peterson of Barry's Bootcamp, Contestant #15

Nichole Peterson, Barry's Bootcamp
Nichole Peterson, Barry's Bootcamp
Photos: Mark Kuroda

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From competitive child athlete to San Francisco State University grad to certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor leading corporate bootcamps, Nichole Peterson is all about planking you out of your comfort zone. A high-energy session with her at Barry’s Bootcamp might include more lunge hops than you’d like but that’s the beauty of a workout with this powerhouse.

In the battle to become the fittest you can be, Nichole’s in it to help you win it. This testimonial says it all: "Her combination of beauty, passion in fitness and comedic personality make her not only one of the hottest trainers in SF but one that we can all relate to and love."

In one sentence, tell us about yourself.
I’m a cardio monster known for my sassiness inside and outside the studio.

What inspired you to become a trainer/fitness instructor?
My life has always revolved around fitness, whether it be group training, team sports or pursuing personal goals. While I liked my desk job, what I loved were my afternoon workouts. They say do what you love, right? So I took my passion for fitness, traded my desk for the gym, and couldn’t be happier. Waking up every morning to work with driven individuals is the best feeling in the world. Building the bonds and being able to grow physically and mentally with my clients is everything for me.

What advice would you offer to someone who is just starting in your class?
It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Fun fact...go!
I’m an environmental enthusiast. I studied environmental studies at San Francisco State University and make a point to advocate for an all-around healthy lifestyle—whether that be with your body or the world around you. Lastly, in order to perfectly fulfill the SF stereotype (fit, environmental, vegetarian), I recently took up surfing. Can’t wait to get pitted!

If you weren’t in fitness, what would you be doing?
I’d be working at an environmental start-up like I did before I found the amazing SF fitness scene. As great as it was, I can’t imagine doing anything other than helping people achieve their health goals.

What are your top three workout jams?
"Somebody Loves You" (Jumpsmokers Radio Remix) by Betty Who; "Speakerbox" (feat. Lafa Taylor) by Bassnectar; and "Loaded" (Laidback Luke Radio Edit) by Kryoman.

Follow Nichole on Instagram: @nichole_b_peterson