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Chew on This: David Yurman to Launch Bubblegum Pinky Rings

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And guess what? The pop-color Bubblegum rings, set in 14k yellow and rose gold, are scented, too. The resin bling comes in various shades and is infused with fragrances that are evocative of Chief Design Director Evan Yurman's youth. So exactly what aromas bring the son of David and Sybil Yurman that nostalgic feeling? Bubblegum, spearmint, cotton candy and grape.

At $875, these beauties are no child's playthings. But whatever one's thoughts about the price tag, swooning over a little pinky candy now and again never hurt anyone. The limited-edition collection will be available for purchase on September 1st, but there's a way to shop one day before everyone else: Simply sign up for the pre-sale event, starting today. Once you receive an email confirmation, early access to this brilliant take on bubblegum is yours.