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These Dresses Look Familiar? They Should If You Saw Project Runway Last Night

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Jake Wall, one of two SF designers (still) in Project Runway Season 14, was thinking all about his hometown in last night's Mary Kay Challenge. The ask? Create an iconic look (i.e. pencil skirt, trench coat, wrap dress) inspired by the modern city "with your own twist." One designer riffed on Breakfast at Tiffany's and the LBD, another was inspired by Grace Kelly and her signature fit-and-flare. But our Mr. Wall sent a sequin minidress, based on a basketball jersey, down the runway. Turns out that dress is the jumping off point for all the styles in the JAKE City Moderne Sport Cocktail Capsule Collection (shown in the gallery above). And launching today.

Although we don't see it in the episode (the No. 9 on the jersey is a hint ), Jake tells us his inspiration comes from a client couple. You may have heard of them: Andre and Christina Iguodala. "First, I thought about how in San Francisco, we don't tell the seasons by the weather but by the colors people are wearing in solidarity with their favorite sports teams," says Jake. "Then, I started thinking about how Christina hates wearing jerseys and sports items because they are horribly oversized and not stylish or dressy. I was inspired to create something based on the basketball jersey that would be cute enough that Christina and others would want to wear."

Jake's design was "safe." But upon his return to SF (whenever that was), he was inspired to refine and recreate this look in four different versions. You can purchase your very own glam frock through Jake's Indiegogo campaign; and starting Monday, the collection will be available for pre-order on the JAKE website.

Have some questions for Jake? Ask him yourself later today—he'll be at Bespoke at the Westfield San Francisco Centre, discussing last night's Project Runway episode and showcasing looks from the JAKE collection. The Q+A starts at 4:30pm and will be followed by a meet and greet. (Wonder if Tim or Heidi will be there?)

P.S. I can't believe how poised, fashion-knowledgeable and articulate guest judge Sally Draper Kiernan Shipka was. Holy smokes.