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Dorm Room or Teensy Studio in Need of Decorating? Top Picks and Tips Ahead

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We're smack-dab in the middle of dorm-room decorating season. Clearly, the ideal time to have a chat with Move Loots' head of design services Blair Mikels. Move Loot, if you're not familiar, is a San Francisco-based, second-hand e-furniture retailer that also provides delivery in the Bay Area and other destinations throughout the country.

The forthcoming tips apply to small studios, and shared bedroom and apartment spaces, as well. (Who could imagine anything like that in SF? Eye roll.) Before you put on your interior design hat, remember the Golden Rule: Your room should reflect you. "It's your space and should feel like an extension of your personality," says Blair.

Bedtime Stories

Blair's Tip: If you're able to loft your bed, do so in order to drastically increase your room's square footage and storage space. If not, see if you can supply your own headboard, which will add dramatic presence.

Light-Bulb Moment

Blair's Tip: Harsh fluorescent overhead lighting can ruin even the most stylish setup. Do your eyes a favor and fill your space with a combination of floor and table lamps of varying heights for flattering, diffused light.

The Art of Wall Art

Blair's Tip: Creating a unique statement can easily (and stylishly) be accomplished through art on your walls. Displaying multiple pieces creates a dramatic effect and allows you to develop a personal collection.

Mirror, Mirror

Blair's Tip: Regardless of view, your dorm room's window can get extra play via a strategically placed mirror on an opposing wall. This will maximize natural light and basically create another window. Also, a large mirror tucked behind furniture in a tight corner will make the pieces look prominent, not crammed.

Vintage Glam

Blair's Tip: Add a dose of glamour and a sense of history (whether real or imagined) with at least one vintage piece. Buying used will further ensure that your space is special and uniquely yours!

Check out the gallery above for current dorm-room treasures available on Move Loot. Now, go study.