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Isabel Marant, How We Love Thy Jackson Square Boutique

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Now that the heavenly Isabel Marant boutique has had a few months to get into the groove of daily life in Jackson Square, we thought it the perfect time to take a closer look at the French label's third US spot. (NYC and LA are number one and two.)

First things first: Wow! This 2,300-square-foot boutique is breathtaking. Located at 455 Jackson Street, the onetime home of a whiskey warehouse (circa 1866) is unique in shape, airy in feel and minimally designed and merchandised. Altogether? It feels like a modern art gallery where the clothes and accessories are the exhibits.

Considering Jackson Square is home to many galleries, it's très fitting that the brand decided to hunker down here. Antique, modern design and furniture shops also cluster in this hood, notable for its beautiful brick and ornate cast-iron buildings dating back to Gold Rush days. (Design Within Reach once occupied the Isabel space, a few years after its life as a hooch repository.)

Oui, the store's gallery vibe is undeniable...the white floors and walls, the genius fitting rooms behind wood panels disguised as art containers and the sleek, square pedestals perfect for showcasing works of art (aka shoes). But thanks to smart interior designers, the light-filled space is surprisingly welcoming. The use of rich wood ceilings, peeks of red brick and bright archways help warm it up; and industrial touches, like steel, stone, concrete and iron fixtures, add that cool factor.

As for the boutique's raison d'être, both the main collection and lower-priced Etoile line do their environs justice. During our recent visit, the new fall pieces were sitting hanging pretty. "For this season, Isabel Marant takes her inspiration from the Navy; its uniform and working environment," says Suid. Silhouettes are graphic and sculpted, with a focus on the details. Think accentuated shoulders, tabs and chevrons on top,balanced by high-waisted trousers and skirts in corseted shapes.

"Isabel interprets through her modern sense of proportion and colorful boho patterns. The looks are sophisticated and fun, reflecting the 1970s alternative-rock culture," Suid adds. Marant's signature "modern gypsy" style is embodied through the craftsmanship of embroideries, technical fabrics and Ikat prints in deep shades and bold colors.

All we have left to say? Ahoy, matey.