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We Need This Clutch Player in Our Accessory Collection, Now

Photo: ISLY

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We likee. We wantee. We're obsessed with this patent black-and-white starburst watersnake clutch from San Francisco-based ISLY. The matte skin on the Small Sona is new for fall, and we envision carrying her everywhere, and with everything—from denim to diamonds. If our digits get tired, we'll just swing her from our shoulder with the handy detachable strap. Like all the bags from local designer and fashion star Sobia Shaikh, this clutch is beautifully crafted and made in the US. (Leathers and snakeskins from Italy, and hardware and fabrics from all around the world are used throughout the collection.) Get your hands on our favorite ISLY ($375) here, or shop HeidiSays or Luna out in the real world. Talk about a clutch moment...