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Small, Mighty and Insta-Worthy, It's The Green Yogi

Photo: The Green Yogi

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Another peaceful post in honor of yoga month...

While yoga is healthy and great for your overall glow, it also works perfectly as a lifestyle booster (read: status symbol). Where you do your Downward Dog is as important as your regular brunch spot and choice of stretch pants these days; so choosing a stylish space is imperative if you're going for your friends' likes on Instagram.

In order to help you in this social media pursuit, we decided to give you a peek at an amazing local studio you (maybe) never heard of: The Green Yogi. Well worth the trip to the East Bay, the tiny yet charming studio does everything right. From the decked-out entrance to the fruit and fragrant candles in the hall to the chic altar, every corner of this Berkeley spot screams eye candy first, serenity second. Just how we like it.

The studio specializes in high-energy power vinyasa yoga , where linking of breath to movement, and building strength and flexibility to balance body and mind is essential (as is music). One class, and you'll be hooked—in the most serene of ways. Classes are held seven days a week. The studio is located at 1642 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley.

And, now, behold the zen...

A photo posted by The Green Yogi (@thegreenyogi) on

A photo posted by The Green Yogi (@thegreenyogi) on

A photo posted by The Green Yogi (@thegreenyogi) on

A photo posted by The Green Yogi (@thegreenyogi) on