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Polyvore Apps and Selfies Are Now Friends

Photos: Polyvore

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You asked and social shopping site Polyvore heard...and actually did something about it. (Take note BFFs.) There's now a camera feature on Polyvore apps—iOS and Android—including the five-month-old, insanely addictive Remix"We're over-the-moon excited to announce we've added the ability to upload your own [in-app] photos to Polyvore," gushes the Mountain-View based company.

Ready to start playing? Make sure you have the most recent version of the app, select a photo/selfie from your camera roll, upload, and, bam!, create and share your own personal looks with the Polyvore community—aka 20 million monthly active users.

The Remix app is dope if you're looking for styling ideas: Par example, take snaps of your brand-new midi skirt and remix for endless shoe inspiration, or upload that, err, slightly impractical orange duster coat you've been lusting over to see how to style IRL.

Our takeaway? When caught in a should I or shouldn't I shopping moment, let the app decide.