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5 Ways to Rock a Lady Tie


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In case you haven’t noticed, menswear-inspired fashion is a huge trend for fall. Pantsuits are back with a vengeance as are wide-legged trousers. And, then, there's the lady tie. Punctuating your outfit with an attention-grabbing bow is nothing new—Katharine Hepburn popularized the look in the 1930s, and Brigitte Bardot made it trés chic in the ’60s. But there are so many hip and modern ways to style the latest incarnations, for work and play.

Look for skinny versions in lush fabrics, like the vintage-silk Ladytie from Les Méchantes boutique. It's made in Dogpatch and available in five luscious prints. Here, co-founders Ashley Arabian and Kathleen Ensign give us the, ahem, skinny on how to wear the accessory du jour. All images courtesy of Les Méchantes.

1. Fabulous '50s

For a flirty date-night look, wrap the tie around your neck twice, make a snug bow and turn it to the side. This style is particularly seductive worn with an off-the-shoulder top, with the bow drawing attention to your exposed clavicle.

2. Knotty and Nice

For a sultry androgynous touch, tie a knot that falls about two or three buttons from the top of a man-tailored shirt, and let the ends hang casually. You can also wear this style over a more body-conscious top with the knot higher up above your collarbone, with the ends falling in a straight line (kinda like a gentlemen’s tie).

3. Tux Be a Lady

Nothing says effortless chic like an undone lady tie worn with a tuxedo shirt and jacket. Whether you’re headed out to dinner, happy hour or a casual business meeting, you’ll exude the same kind of charm as a relaxed Ryan Gosling making the rounds at a hot Hollywood after-party.

4. Sexy Secretary

For a more buttoned-up but still Bardot-worthy fashion statement, make a loose bow and position it at the collar of a menswear-inspired shirt or a blouse buttoned to the top. Keep the ends the same size—or make one longer than the other for a little visual interest. Either way, this one will take you from conference to cocktail party, no prob.

5. Head Case

Who said your lady tie has to be worn below the neck? Wrap it around an updo with the ends cascading down the back of your neck, wear it like a headband over wavy hippie hair parted down the middle, or tie it into a big bow at the top of your head, a la Madonna circa 1983.