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Who Wants to Buy Steve Jobs' Old BMW?

Photos: Instamotor

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In the market for some new wheels? Sure would be cool to drive around Apple territory sitting pretty in a 1995 BMW 3 Series once owned by Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene, huh? Although originally listed on Craigslist, Mountain View seller (and third owner) Julius Winegar recently moved the now-$15,000 listing to Instamotor. The peer-to-peer, used-car app lets buyers browse and transact for free, and also—ding ding ding—pre-screens every vehicle for fraud, helping to weed out scammers.

Launched earlier this year, SF-based Instamotor's mission is simple: cut out the middleman (the dealership) to keep overhead low and pass on savings to buyers plus provide third-party validity of the seller's claims. Currently, the startup is available in our neck of the woods and in LA/Orange County and San Diego. It expects to be up and running nationwide by the end of the year.

Whether you're interested in Mr. Black Turtleneck's car or not, the iPhone app (Android's coming soon) is worth checking out. It's easy to use and filled with thousands of hi-res images of pre-screened, previously owned cars. You can make an offer or schedule a test drive in just one click. And sellers can set up their free listings in five easy steps.

We hear Labor Day weekend is the Black Friday for car shopping. Just sayin. #WWSJD