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How to Have Fun Bra Shopping? Buy Your Lingerie From a Truck

Photo: True&Co.

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Does anyone really enjoy shopping for bras? No. We do now—thanks to True&Co.'s Try-on Truck. The lingerie boutique on wheels, which offers complimentary personalized fittings, will be up-and-running in San Francisco tomorrow. The mobile shop's in town through Sunday, January 24th and then rolls into Marin from Tuesday, January 26th until Sunday, January 31st.  All you have to do to hop on the totally tricked-out 24-foot-by-eight-foot truck avec fitting rooms? Take a quick Fit Quiz and book an appointment.

No surprise, the locally based True&Co. company chose its hometown as the first stop on the truck's year-long, cross-country tour, which will end somewhere on the East Coast (most likely NYC).

So what gives? Do food trucks need to watch their backs? True&Co CEO and founder Michelle Lam was inspired by the Tiny Home Movement plus she wanted to infuse some fun into buying undergarments and give women the chance to test-drive them: "Our aspiration was to create a warm, inviting environment that feels like coming home," she says.

"Ironically, the experience of shopping for intimate apparel can be among the least intimate experiences there are. And bra shopping revolves around an authoritative construct of beauty that creates feelings of inadequacy.  With the Try-on Truck, we wanted to create an experience that's not only more personal but leaves women feeling positive and empowered. We're pioneering ‘nomadic retail' to transform the way women shop for lingerie."

Amen to that.

From January 14th through the 19th, the Try-on Truck will roll into Proxy (432 Octavia Street) before moving on to Modcloth (222 Grant Avenue) from January 21st through the 24th. (Book an appointment in SF.) Then on January 26th, the truck will cross the GGB and park at the Marin Country Mart in Larkspur. And, finally, it's off to The Village at Corte Madera from January 28th through the 31st. (Book an appointment in Marin.)