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Start of the New Year Means Time to Clutter

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Just a few days into 2016, we suggest you start Clutter-ing. The on-demand, self-storage biz, available in SF and the Bay Area entire, leaves you nary an excuse to continue living in hoarder-like environs. (We know, we know, you live in a small apartment.) Here's the deal: No car? No problem. Don't feel like packing? Don't have to. Want access to your things without spending hours rifling through boxes? Piece of cake. See, the LA-based company has this convenient, self-storage thing down pat.

If one-click access to concierge storage services sounds like music to your ears closet about now, go to the Clutter website where you can choose from several plans depending on how much stuff you have (i.e. the item plan vs. the closet or garage plan). Set up a free pickup with one-hour onsite packing; all your belongings are photographed, labeled, categorized and given a bar code for an-easy-to-manage digital inventory.

Need your skis for a last-minute Tahoe trip? Pull them up on the website and they'll be delivered in no time, and picked up upon you return. All storage facilities are state-of-the-art, temperature controlled and have 24-hour security.

Whatcha waiting for? Clutter is calling...