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Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo of Wallets?

Photos: Article & Goods

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What a girl wants in a wallet tends to be really specific. This probably explains why we've been on the hunt for a new leather accessory to hold our cash and credit cards for ages. And just when we were about to give up hope and begin the search for our next obsession (silver bar earrings), we met The One.

Yes, we found a keeper by Article & Goods (A/G), a new San Francisco-based brand and maker of premium small leather goods. The No. 11 horizontal organizer wallet ticks all the boxes on our very long list of musts. Modern and minimalist, the tumbled pebble leather is super soft and incredibly lightweight, the taupe color is gorgeous and the hardware is silver (gold is a deal-breaker).

Just P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

But what really put us over the edge is this: There are—you ready?—12 card slots (six on each side) and two long compartments for flat bills, or an iPhone 6. Furthermore, the handmade wallet is fully lined and the L-shaped zipper allows for easy access.

At $128, the price is reasonable; and according to A/G, it would sell for $329 at traditional retail. Perhaps taking a cue from Everlane's transparent-pricing model, Article & Goods founder Sam Chen decided to cut out the middlemen, and the high markups they bring, in order to pass on savings to customers with direct pricing.

Check out our beloved No. 11 here. P.S. if gold is your thing, check out No. 12.