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Put a Nap on Your Weekend Agenda

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Casper, king of the $850 direct-to-consumer mattress in a box, is all about sleep. That would be all about helping you get some in your bedroom—or, you know, on the corner of Howard and 5th Street. Yes sirree, a free nap in the Casper NapMobile can be yours if you happen to be in SoMa or Berkeley this weekend.

While the NY-based startup already swung through SF pre-Super Bowl, it's making its way back here from Portland before heading to LA, as part of its six-city Nap Tour. (Can we be groupies?)

The bedroom on wheels features four nap pods, in fully tricked Casper-ed out sheets, pillows and mattresses. Sounds about right for catching some Zzzs. And apparently we really need some rest. According to Casper: "Nearly one in 10 people in SF (9%) told us they'd trade a percentage of their bonus for workday naps." You?

The Casper nap truck will be parked at 901 Howard Street on Friday and Saturday, and  at 1920 4th Street (at Hearst Avenue) in Berkeley on Sunday. Nap time is noon to 8pm every day.