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Blue Illusion Loves Iris Apfel: Like Who Doesn't?

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Photo: Daniela Federici for Blue Illusion

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Move over, Gigi. See ya later, Kendall. Iris is the most interesting one-named model around—and the star of Blue Illusion's new campaign, Ageless Style with Iris Apfel. Her star status has been on the rise since Iris, the Albert Maysles documentary about her, hit screens (and won hearts) a couple of years ago.

The images, shot by fashion photographer Daniela Federici in the 94-year-old's New York apartment, highlight Apfel's off-the-charts charisma and inimitable signature style.

So why did an Australian contemporary brand, known for its modern chic clothing with a Parisian flair, choose Iris to be its face? "She's is a modern day icon. She has liberated women from the ideals of age as a limitation; rather inspired them to not even question it," says co-founder and creative director Donna Guest. "Her wonderful obsession with color and pattern is eye catching, she is eye catching. So to me, Iris is Blue Illusion. She's a real woman with a sense of self and holds no apologizes, only oops at least I tried."

As for Iris's feeling towards her employer's creations: "I like Blue Illusion because it's timeless and ageless, which are two wonderful, wonderful attributes," she says. "I don't think there's anything I put on today that could not be worn by someone 60 years my junior or somebody my age."

Get a three-dimensional taste of the utterly charming Iris in this videoThen put your own stamp on the current collection that  features classic essentials—€”trench coats, wrap dresses, tailored cardis and more. Prices range (mostly) from $70 to $220.

Shop the label's three Bay Area stores (Burlingame, Menlo Park and Los Gatos). Or, surf on over to the just-launched (like yesterday) US website.

P.S. Anyone else having the sudden urge to buy a pair of over-oversized specs?