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Four Bay Area Brands You Need to Know

Photo: Micaela Greg

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We all know there's no shortage of creativity and business savvy round these parts. So you can't be expected to keep up with every burgeoning brand or fresh fashion startup. That's why we're here. With that, let us introduce you to a cool quartet of up-and-coming Bay Area labels. Prepare to fall in love...€”and shop.

First Rite

You know those girls who are like walking, talking ads for effortless style (think Jessa from Girls, circa season 3)? They must be shopping at one-year-old First Rite, Nikki Garcia's dreamy, easygoing label designed right here in SF and manufactured in LA. The summer collection is as laid-back as they come, featuring linen pants in muted desert tones, rayon jumpsuits with just a hint of sexy and chic separates that Shosh's free-spirited cuz would most certainly adore.

Inbal Ithachi

Originally from Israel, Inbal Ithachi was quite disturbed as she spied Bay Area tech ladies schlepping ugly laptop bags around town, day in and day out. Her solution? Design a line of minimalist, urban tote bags and backpacks that vibe with anything a SF gal has in her closet while lovingly protecting all her precious technology. Extra style points: These beauties are completely vegan.


Costalots creator Matt Costa did a whole bunch of water-y things (working on boats, surfing) before arriving at his current destination. That would be helming a line of cool, high-quality sunnies that don't, well, cost a lot. Combining old-school plastic frames with excellent Carl Zeiss lenses, this Oakland brand is a must-see.

Micaela Greg

Marie and Karen Potesta, sisters living in San Francisco, make the softest, most luscious knits ever via their baby Micaela Greg. Some of the things the creative duo have dreamt up include loose sweaters, knitted jogging pants (perfect for the rainy days of late) and scarves with cool geometric patterns. Summer 2016 looks promising with cream and yellow knits, sunny and cozy at the same time. Many styles sell out fast, so if you like something, snap it up.