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Spring Clean Alert! Heath Teams Up With Etta +Billie for a Custom Soap

Photo: Jeffery Cross

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When Heath Ceramics tapped local bath and body guru Alana Rivera of Etta + Billie to design an exclusive soap, it was a match made in the Mission. And in aromas of grapefruit, Dalmatian sage and Pacific Ocean sea salt.

"The blend came to me immediately," says Rivera, whose concoctions of organic ingredients and essential oils are delicious enough to eat (think thick-cut bars of Ritual Roasters Cold Brew Mint Coffee, Cinnamon Oatmeal, or Horchata). "We're both Northern Californian companies, and I wanted to evoke the quintessential sights and scents of our region," Rivera adds.

While Heath has carried Etta + Billie soaps for several holiday seasons, this will be the first collaboration. With a limited-edition run of 48 bars in both the Mission and West Hollywood stores set for April 1, we say mark your calendars now. Your body will thank you for the seriously refined pampering.

Side note: Heath is going collab crazy of late. And we love it.