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What's Up Nichole Peterson? Been a Sec Since We Checked in With Our Hottest Trainer Winner

Photo: Mark Kuroda

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Lace up those Nike’s, squeeze into your Lululemon’s and get ready to sweat, because Nichole Peterson, winner of SF’s Hottest Trainer 2015, is back to get your heart rate up. Back in August, the fourth annual Hottest Trainer competition pitted 16 of the city’s fiercest instructors head to head, and Barry’s Bootcamp’s Nichole Peterson was the last one standing strong.

We learned all about what made Nichole tick—from high-energy cardio sessions to environmental activism, and she stole the show with her passion, commitment and sass. Now that some time has passed, we’re checking in with the cream-of-the-crop instructor to see what life has been like post-crowning (including judging the Mr. Marina competition—jealous).

What's changed for you since you won SF's Hottest Trainer title?

Since winning the competition, I get recognized a lot more and I've been very humbled by the stories everyone tells me of voting down to the wire to help me win! Since winning I've gotten even busier.

Barry's Bootcamp has opened a new location in the city, and I have doubled my workload teaching at both locations. It's amazing! On top of gaining new clients and more classes, Mark Kuroda [the Hottest Trainer photographer] and I have been working on projects for the athletic brand Tsuya, for which I am now a brand ambassador. On top of all the fitness work, I got asked to judge the Mr. Marina competition this year, I am sooo looking forward to it!

What are your favorite motivational tips?

I honestly believe that your body will not go where your mind doesn't let it. Daily, we all fall victim to our insecurities of what might happen or I don't think I can, and we never end up doing what we want. I fall victim to this as well, but I am a firm believer in pushing the boundaries whether they be the ones you set for yourself or the ones you set daily in work/relationships/workouts/life. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself; it's not always easy, but it's always worth it.

You must be so busy with do you find time to fit in your own workouts?

I am crazy busy with clients. Because of that, I am always in the gym or at Barry's which helps me (almost forces me) to get in a workout of my own! It also helps that some of my closest friends are also trainers. We all have this sick desire to sweat on our off time — we'll rally at Pete's, grab a coffee and then hit the gym with each other. It's great and no one complains about wanting to quit early or stop half-way through.

What does your current workout routine look like?

Workouts now include, but are not limited to, three to four days at Barry's Bootcamp, one day heavy lifting at the gym and one day cross-training at Core40. Plus, I try to fit in at least one day of yoga to help my body recover. But as the weather gets warmer, I hope to get some outdoor activities in, such as trail runs and swimming at Aquatic Park.

2015 was a big year for you... what do you hope 2016 will bring?

2015 was a very busy year! All the new clients and media presence has actually carried over into 2016 and I LOVE IT. I seriously hate having down time (it drives me nuts) so having all these new activities and campaigns to work on is pure bliss. I hope to continue growing my brand into 2016 while getting to know and grow new relationships with clients, trainers and friends I've met along the way in this journey!

Follow Nichole on Instagram: @nichole_b_peterson.