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Alexander Skarsgard Was in Town Last Night and Looking Gorge

We always knew Alexander Skarsgard was fine but this is next-level stuff.

Shirt Just Got Real: TurtleV Is Fully Funded

The TurtleV is coming! The TurtleV is coming!

It Only Takes 192 BART Tickets to Make an Eco-Friendly Party Dress

How do you make a frock out of transit tickets? With transparent nylon thread and patience

A Local Artist Wants Your $10,000 Apple Watch for a Project

Qinmin Liu needs 50 of the smartwatches for her next installation

Local Dude Earns $70 an Hour Folding T-Shirts

That's over six times the minimum wage

London Breed Summarizes SF Life in Bleakest Terms Possible

The city is filled with high-earning professionals who are pinching pennies

Your Daily Wardrobe Decisions Just Became More Complicated

Bringing new meaning to the words "We found love in a hopeless place."

What Not to Wear: San Francisco Motorcycle Gang Edition

In a city where anything goes in fashion, this may be the last clique with standards.